Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last Weekend of Summer Break in Southern CA

Monday evening, we got home from our 'final summer hurrah'. . . we went down to Thousand Oaks for my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary celebration.  It seems like just a short 10 years ago, I was an unmarried almost-20-year-old, celebrating their 50th in Lake Tahoe with the whole family!  I can't believe how quickly times flies post high school.  I can only imagine that it'll keep going by faster. 

As always, we enjoyed ourselves!  We love southern California (I happen to love northern too!) and the fact that we can get a nice break from the heat - in just a short car ride away . . . We made it in 4 hours!
My Dad and Steven played grill masters most of our nights there.  I love that my grandparents put an outdoor kitchen in down by their pool.  It makes for great ambiance! 
Steven was able to golf . . . always his idea of a good vacation.

I took a 9 week baby bump photo in my grandparents' mauve bathroom.  Don't lie to me . . . with two babes in the oven, it's there!

Steven and I drove up the Pacific Coast Highway from Newport to Malibu Canyon after his sister's soccer tournament in Irvine.  We stopped for a quick bite to eat right outside of Huntington  Beach.  
**Note to the World - Not all of the PCH is created equal! **

Best part of the PCH in Southern California, is Malibu . . . It doesn't get much better than this!

We are grateful for a relaxing time spent with my family, in one of the coolest places possible - even if traffic sucks.  Steven is back to school today and I go back tomorrow.  We are most gracious for a very full and productive summer!

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  1. Love your your bump :)....and love those twins already! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!