Wednesday, May 8, 2013

#Holdenfam Spring Break: Part Deux

If I had to name one place that has remained constant in my life, it would have to be my grandparents' home in Thousand Oaks.  That place goes as far back in my memory bank as I can go.  Cousin-time, swimming, trips to the park, walks to Thrifty for ice cream, crazy outdoor dogs ( it is my personal opinion that dogs should not be left alone outside . . . it will cause mania in canines), holiday dinners . . . you name it.  While I accepted it as the Holdens' main hub/my birthplace, I also took it for granted.  Regretfully so, because let's be honest . . . it's freaking California!  The weather is perfect, it's green(er), the ocean is near, and the recreational possibilities are endless.
Wednesday afternoon, we made the 5-hour drive down . .  sans Steven - due to his grandmother's health.  In some ways, it felt like my childhood again . . . family road trips were a regular occurrence and so it felt familiar to be taking one again.

-Staying up late and chatting the night away with my aunt, Vicky.
-Thousand Oaks Farmer's Market - holy citrus extravaganza!
-The Oaks Mall (Paper Source . . .yes please!)
-Papa's honey-baked ham . . . so good!
-Walking, yes walking! . . . to Trader Joe's

We made it back to Vegas in time for some dinner at Sushi Fever, where we were ever so honored to be in the presence of Carrot Top (yes, super strange), prepare/enjoy Easter lunch the following day, and allow my family plenty of time to make their flight back to Illinois.  

Spring Break 2013, you were really good to us!

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