Monday, February 25, 2013

We Have a 5-Year Old

My dearest fury firstborn is five today.  I ask myself, "Where did the time go?!"  I know she's not your typical firstborn, but I do think that a lot of the same feelings of having any type of 5-year old would throw you into a frenzy.  5 year old child, 5 year old marriage, 5 year old ball of fur, 5 year old pair of shoes. . . You get the point.  It really makes one ponder the concept of time.  In all reality, it goes by WAY TOO FAST.
Dodson's Izzy Bear (according to her AKC registration papers)-

Thank you for being the sweetest pup known to mankind!  You truly have brought so much joy to our lives.  You may just be a canine friend, but you have taught us many things that parents of human children need to know.  Unconditional love (your willingness to snuggle is endless), patience (especially in the beginning! yikes!), the need for peace in our home (otherwise you run up the stairs and hide from all of the nonsense), and compassion (thank you for all of the times that you allowed me to cry in your coat).  You are a tiny glimpse of what it's like to be godlike.  We love you!

-Your Mom & Dad

PS-  This year we will celebrate with homemade treats (I actually have a dog bone cookie cutter) and homemade frosty paws.  I will try and do a lot more of this for you, Cherro Perro.  After all, you only have 3 more years. . . teases your dad.  Little does he know, you will be one of those rare cases that lives to be 17!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Girls' Night In

It all began with a box of pink macarons.  Trader Joe's will get you everytime.  I blame it on the packaging.  Yes, they were peppermint and ganache (in the freezer section-during the holidays) but they got my wheels turning.  I figured, "I'm feeling more settled in our place and I need a girl's night."  And so, we had "Girls' Night In"!
Our neighbor is a pastry chef at Bouchon Bakery (he's in their cookbook - so cool!), so we were feted with the most amazing lemon tart and mini raspberry trifles.  Did I mention that I am on Michelle's activities committee at church?  Those are the best! You can imagine what we are treated with during those meetings.  Oh, to be married to a pastry chef; Michelle is one lucky gal! Although, she says that she is not tempted by any of it.  I, on the other hand, am French and so it is in my DNA to be drawn to these things.  My 30 pound heavier self would most definitely return.
It was a fun evening of munching, mingling, and crafting.  I vote more girl time!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Svenska Pannkakor (Swedish Pancakes)

Thank you google for the translation.  I figure, if my brother is working on some Nordic language skills . . . I should do the same.

Sunday morning is our homemade breakfast designated time, unless we decide to do breakfast for dinner . . .we enjoy that too.  We have some breakfast favorites.  Steven LOVES the Swedish pancakes at Stockholm Inn in Rockford.  I know I've talked about it before.  They are a definite treat when we go back to visit my family.  Im talking every other day (for the brothers/dad/huz in my life).  In the meantime, we'll enjoy our homemade version:

Swedish Pancakes:

3/4 cup sifted flour
1 Tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt (optional)
3 eggs
1 1/4 cup milk
2 Tbsp oil

Sift dry ingredients. Combine beaten eggs, milk and oil. Add to dry ingredients, stirring until smooth. Pour batter a tablespoon at a time on hot griddle, tilting griddle to make a very thin cake. Serve with melted butter sprinkled with sugar, and hot lingonberry or blueberry sauce.  Maple syrup is a favorite too.

Enjoy or Smaklig mÃ¥ltid, rather!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Recent Thoughts

I'm in the mood to write.  I wrote my brother.  I updated his blog.  I sent out some other emails.  I'm feeling introverted, but I'm feeling good.  I have had some reoccurring thoughts, mostly me trying to analyze things and where I stand, we stand, one stands, and I've come up with some conclusions. . .

1.  Marriage is hard to wrap your head around - Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this way.  I've stopped and just stared at Steven and thought, "Oh my gosh, you committed your life around mine and I've committed mine around yours!"  We plan EVERYTHING around each other and we have been doing so for so many years.  It's a trip, but it's good . . . definitely good!  Probably better than it's ever been.  Seven years is for the birds.  If you asked me at five . . . it probably would have been different! Ha!

2.  Marriage shows your vulnerability - Remember the days when you and your spouse were dating?  You were always pretty, 100% optimistic, and had very few vices?  It has come to mind recently, that this person who I NEVER in a million years would have wanted to view me negatively; has seen me at my worst.  Physically ugly (bed head, sans makeup, winter-pale), emotionally ugly (we won't get into details),  my most embarrassing moments (won't get into those either!), times of weakness, etc. Yep.  Seen it all.  That is vulnerability my friends.

3. I love LOVE being a girl  - There is no doubt in my mind that I was born to be a girl.  More specifically, gender and gender role.  Call me simple-minded/submissive-wife(haha, yeah right)/embarrassment-to-women-fighting-for-feminist-movements . . . I just happen to think that I am secure in my role.  Cooking, cleaning (okay maybe not so much), decorating, crafting, making home and family enjoyable . . . that's me.  And I love it!  I think it was mostly my upbringing.  In fact, sometimes I think my parents depended on me for certain things over my brothers.  Could be because I was the oldest, but they always treated me like I was completely capable of anything.  Maybe I'm not  capable of getting preggers without some medical intervention, but I'm not thinking along those lines anymore. . .  Also, my Dad was an excellent example as to how to treat my mom as his equal.  They were and are a great example to me.  So yes, I enjoy being a girl and everything that comes with it.

4.  Where I work is pretty magical - I love working in a school, specifically in a school library.  There is something about being in an organized environment of growth and learning; one that includes books and tales of fascinating stories.  I love those sweet faces and comments.  Sure, I break up fights on the playground and I've been called things that I didn't know kids these days knew existed.  Overall, it's beautiful and innocent and happy.

5.  Cancer is horrible - I have heard so many stories about young people with cancer.  Breaks my heart.  It doesn't seem fair and doesn't seem like something that one should be fighting or having to worry about.  Especially, at a young age.  They are most definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

And to leave on a positive note . . .

6.  My niece is the most darling/chubby-cheeked/nugget/cherry blossom WALKING little human being.  9 months old and walking.  Some kids make it to 14 months without doing so. Impressive on her part.  I just wish that I didn't live so far away, which leaves me not being able to see her meet all of her little accomplishments.  I couldn't stop gazing at her over Christmas break and my mom told me that it's even more so with your own.  Note to Steven, when we have our own . . . some things may never get done!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From This Day Forward . . .

He shall be called "Hernie"

Results are in . . . Hernia surgery for this guy . . . TBD.  

Grateful that his pains were nothing worse!

In the meantime, he has to lay off the golf and the countless weeknights of basketball

PS - Aren't hernias for old people?