Friday, June 1, 2012

Emails On A Friday Afternoon.

Since we both work for the school district, it's easy for me and Steven to email back and forth!  Here is our conversation this Friday afternoon...

Me:  I'm having terrible anxiety me think of good things...what are we doing tonight?

Steven:   Uhmmm...I need new shoes. Shopping tonight for Hawaii?

Me: Sure! For you!

Steven: Both

Me:   haha....I dont need anything! honestly! Just a vacation.......with YOU!!!! Love you!

Me:  Outlets?

Steven:  Sure...did that calm your anxiety?

This boy knows me too well!

As I got off of work and gave him a quick call, he proceeded to tell me that he is a genius.  His plan is to let every stressed out woman go and shop, with the assumption that they will automatically feel better.  No therapy, just shopping and everyone will be cured.  And everyone will believe that he just made a breakthrough in human psychology!

I said, "Steven, no!"  "This is known as negative coping!"

This might actually work for me! Oops!

So.....We went out for dinner and shopping!

Dinner at Dickey's BBQ Pit - Pretty Tasty!

Steven scored at the outlets - I may have snuck one thing in!
**I am beginning to LOVE outlet shopping in all it's good deals and glory!

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