Wednesday, June 20, 2012

. . .And We're Back!

We're still on 'Island Time' - not the actual time. . . as in, we are feeling so laid back that it's hard to get anything done!  It's hard to be back.  I think we acclimated to their lifestyle a little too much!

We had a GREAT trip!  I felt more like myself than I have in a long time!  I was happy that Steven was able to unwind just as much.  I'll post more on what we did but for now I need to get unpacked and get laundry going. . .real life stuff...blah.

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  1. oh, this makes me smile. i'm so glad you both had such a wonderful time! i totally agree with you about feeling more like yourself than you have...our trip gave me the same feeling. i wish i could've captured whatever that is and brought it back with me. and my condolences for being back in real life. here's to hoping for more wonderful vacations in the not too distant future!