Saturday, December 1, 2012

25 Days Until Christmas

I've decided to do something fun in order to gear up for the Christmas holidays.  My blog has been slacking and because I loved doing "30 Days of Gratitude" (it made me feel more festive) I am doing "Capturing December" via Instagram AS WELL AS my own "25 Days Until Christmas" via the blog.

What does this entail?  Well, everyday until Christmas, I am going to do a little something to celebrate the season.  It may be a holiday movie, a craft, holiday baking, choosing festive flavors at restaurants/cafes, or doing something out in the community.  An 'interactive advent calendar' per say.  Excited to participate and excited to share . . . I have some fun ideas!

This weekend we have our good friends Matt and Loral visiting us from Vancouver, Washington.  We haven't seen them since the day we moved from UT -- over two years ago.  It's just like where we left off.  We miss them immensely, but are grateful to have them here for the weekend!  I'll share what we have been up to later this week.

Matt and Loral are foodies . . . aka my kind of people.  So they wanted to be able to enjoy the variety of chains that are good but not on every corner . . .  ie. Cafe Rio, Yogurtland, and some other places that are unique to this city.

We had a late night craving for frozen yogurt and so we took them to Yogurtland (my favorite!) where I enjoyed December 1st's day of being festive.

I ordered . . . White Chocolate Macadamia, Peppermint Hot Chocolate sprinkled with Andes Mints, and Andes Peppermint Crunch!


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  1. i love your 25 days of christmas idea! looking forward to it. and i'm serious, hair up looks amazing on you!