Thursday, February 14, 2013

Girls' Night In

It all began with a box of pink macarons.  Trader Joe's will get you everytime.  I blame it on the packaging.  Yes, they were peppermint and ganache (in the freezer section-during the holidays) but they got my wheels turning.  I figured, "I'm feeling more settled in our place and I need a girl's night."  And so, we had "Girls' Night In"!
Our neighbor is a pastry chef at Bouchon Bakery (he's in their cookbook - so cool!), so we were feted with the most amazing lemon tart and mini raspberry trifles.  Did I mention that I am on Michelle's activities committee at church?  Those are the best! You can imagine what we are treated with during those meetings.  Oh, to be married to a pastry chef; Michelle is one lucky gal! Although, she says that she is not tempted by any of it.  I, on the other hand, am French and so it is in my DNA to be drawn to these things.  My 30 pound heavier self would most definitely return.
It was a fun evening of munching, mingling, and crafting.  I vote more girl time!


  1. girl's nights are the best! and yours was so cute! i totally would be back up to 50 lbs heavier if i was married to the chef! not even kidding. i'm glad you had a fun night.

  2. Best Night EVER! :) Another is MUCH needed!!!!!!