Thursday, January 31, 2013

Love of Printables and Making Your Own

It's no secret -- the love that I have for Pinterest.  In some ways it has been a huge source of fulfillment.  One of my most recent loves has been the access to free printables and the inspiration to create my own.

This one has been a favorite of mine.  What better way to organize yourself and stay easy on the eyes?  I found a way to justify using the ink in my cartridge.  Simply cut off the top patterned portion when the month has expired and use as a gift tag or craft idea.  Serves two purposes!
Last night, I felt super motivated to make our own 'Family Crest'.  It'll go on a square metal plaque in our kitchen.  I'm excited to get that little project going.

You don't have to have an expensive photo editing program to make your own designs.  I use  not only for photo editing but also for customizing my own printables.   It's free for the basics (you can pay to upgrade) and is super fun!  Did I mention that they have the cutest holiday overlays and fonts?  

Try your hand at it!

Stay tuned for a fun Valentine's printable gift that I'm making for the Huz . . .

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  1. You are so cute and talented. Honestly. All of your projects are so successful. I love it.