Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Saying Our Goodbyes

This weekend was a whirlwind.  Saturday morning, I made the drive up to Utah (solo) to say my final "goodbyes" to my youngest brother, Christopher.  Kinda boring driving by yourself . . . but thanks to The Killers and Imagine Dragons on replay, my drive was rather pleasant.  

My weekend was full of friend visits (many of which I did not get to see but look forward to seeing again, soon!) and quality family time with my parents, brother, and family friends; the Ellsworths (basically family and always a good time).  We left behind some really really great people in Utah, so it's always a treat to go back and visit.

Christopher is my first brother to go on a mission, and so it was such a cool feeling being able to experience this weekend's festivities.  It's pretty surreal!  I love him and I know that he will do great things for the people of Norway.


Of course we had to take our token MTC farewell photos.  It's kind of a right of passage . . . wouldn't you say?

It's times like these, where I think about where I fit in my family and the role that I get to play.  I am so grateful to be the oldest and the only sister among three brothers.  I feel very protective of each of them and am grateful that I get to be there to support them in all that they do.  I am blessed and grateful for the relationships that I have with them. 

I love you, Christopher James!

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  1. such great pictures! he already looks like a missionary! gotta love brothers. they are pretty great.