Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gallery Wall

Did I mention that I am happy?  Because I am!  Life is pretty dang good . . . although it's far from perfect . . . it is good and it is full!    

When I am happy . . . I get things accomplished. 

A while back, I decided that I wanted a small gallery wall going up our stairs.  Originally, I thought (and purchased) 4 - 14"x17" West Elm Gallery Frames with the intention of doing colored photos but after much contemplation and planning via Pinterest I decided that I wanted the clean and modern look of black and whites.  So glad I did!

I went back to West Elm (so very much my favorite store right now) yesterday and exchanged 2 of the frames for 1 - 13"x13" square and 1 - 9"x11" . . I did it because I like the different sizes of our personal photo prints and it saved me a good little chunk of money. 

On a side note - West Elm's frames are a must.  Simply, for the fact that they give you a perfect wall mounting pattern.  Saved me so much time in the long run.

Each photo is something that has been very special to us throughout our marriage.  It reminds us of the good that we do have in our life!

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  1. such a happy post! i love it! you made a good call going with the smaller frames and black and white. it looks amazing!