Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Memories from France - France Day 3: April 18th 2011

During our Sunday "dejeuner", my cousin Nicolas, invited us to come over to Nancy where he and his girlfriend, Julie live. Nancy is kind of the big city in the Lorraine region of France. . .it's about an hour away from St. Die by train. So Monday morning, we hopped on the train and headed over to Nancy to visit with my cousin and get a tour of the city. Nancy is known for being a big university town. Nicolas and his sister Alice, both went to school there. Since he lives there, he was able to give us an amazing tour! I think we got to see and do a little of everything while we were there! We had a wonderful lunch, saw the Place Stanislas (main square) where most of the iron is gold leafed paint (amazing!), toured some of the cathedrals and parks, stopped at a cafe (where the waiter was really rude - but the only rude French person our whole trip), and even got to do a little shopping. . . I finally got to go to Naf Naf, where I bought a darling dress! It was a great day! I have some of the most hospitable family over there! They are truly amazing people!

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