Sunday, September 9, 2012

Memories from France - France Day 4: April 19th 2011

On Monday night, Steven encouraged me to spend the following day with my grandparents. It would give him the opportunity to get some studying done for his Biology Praxis, and would give me the opportunity to spend some quality time with my grandparents. It was very much a "win-win" situation. I started the day by going into town with Mami to the "marche aux legumes" (vegetable market), where we shopped around and stopped into some of the surrounding stores. I found some darling things! When Mami ran into someone she knew, she proudly introduced me as "my granddaughter who lives in the United States" - she seemed pretty pleased to have us there visiting! After our small shopping trip, we (Mami, Papi, and I) headed over to Cora to get some grocery shopping done and to stock up on some goodies for when we got back to the States. Something about running errands around town with my Mami, brought me back to my childhood! After our errands, we had our dejeuner over at Veronique and Michel's (my aunt and uncle) house, rested a bit, and then we (Steven and I) headed over to Mami and Papi's house for the late afternoon and evening. We spent the evening chatting with my grandparents, eating delicious food. . .including my grandma's Tarte au Citron (Lemon meringue pie - my favorite!), and doing a little more exploring around my grandparents' property. I loved every moment of that day!

My favorite part of my grandparents' yard! These woods are so magical!

German dagger from WWII that my grandpa found in the woods a few years back

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