Sunday, September 16, 2012

Memories from France - France Day 7: April 22nd 2011

Paris Day 2: Last Day in France. . .

-Woke up early and grabbed some breakfast. . .Fresh fruit and chocolate croissants!
-Cruised down the Seine River by boat (highly recommend this!) and then walked along the river again to see all of the sights up close. . .
-Paid our respects at Princess Diana's Tunnel
-Toured the Jardin des Tuileries and the Louvre grounds
- Swung by the Place de la Concorde
-Gazed at the amazing details of Notre Dame (gargoyles and all!)
-Lounged in the courtyard (oldest one in Paris) of the Place des Vosges
-Grabbed the Metro (finally!) to the Statue of Liberty (yes, Paris has one too. . . it's the model that the French presented to the U.S. - you can thank them for our copy on Liberty Island!)
-Freshened up and enjoyed the most AMAZING pizza that we've ever tasted in our lives
-Attempted (3rd time) at going up the Eiffel Tower. . .WAY too many people. . .instead we strolled the grounds surrounding the Eiffel Tower at night . . .BEAUTIFUL!
-Meandered back to our hotel, grabbed a Crepe at a small street stand (can't leave Paris without devouring one), called it a night and the perfect ending to our vacation!

Voila!!! That was our trip to France! It was everything we had hoped it would be a much more! I would say that one of the best parts is how much Steven fell in love with France and European culture. Since we've been back, Steven likes to have baguettes with dinner, uses the term "Voila" when appropriate, gets disgusted at how spoiled and ungrateful we Americans can be (it's true, we really are. . .we have to have the biggest and the best, right?!) and loves watching House Hunters International (especially when it's in Europe - but he would kill me if he knew that I told you this). We are hoping to go back next summer, if everything goes as planned!

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